Two Weeks Left!

Two Weeks Left!

There are just two weeks left to get your application in for the 10th Auckland Fair! We’ve already had some amazing applications come through, it always blows me away with how much talent there is out there, but I want to see you too!

Remember, the priority list (for those that do not secure a space) is ordered by the date/time of your application submission, so it’s best to get your application in a soon as possible. Here are those tips again for applying:

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  • Read through the application before you start filling it out
  • Get all your images you need ready and make them the right size
  • Put aside 15-30 minutes of quiet time to complete your application
  • Ensure you check your spelling and grammar
  • Before hitting submit, check to ensure all your details are correct
  • A cuppa always helps too

[/list]Good luck!

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Image: Hunter Gatherer jewellery, photographed by Jessica Whiting