Crafty Times with I Love Pies!

Crafty Times with I Love Pies!

We are super lucky here at the Auckland Fair to be able to work with a bunch of people and brands that really ‘get’ what we do and compliment the event. Especially when those brands are delicious, wholesome and want to do cool, fun stuff on the day, so please welcome I Love Pies to the Auckland Fair family!

Maree and Jessie started I Love Pies because they wanted to create food that they could be proud of, real food with real ingredients that they were happy to give their own families.

Our pies have been lovingly handmade for you using really good ingredients, the kind of stuff you would find in your kitchen at home. Heaps of thought goes into making our pies, from the carefully sourced ingredients, to how we slow cook our fillings and make our special sour cream pastry. We prefer to crimp rather than scrimp when it comes to pies and we think that this shows in how they taste.

At I Love Pies they are big fans of all things hand crafted with thought and love – a bit like their pies and a bit like all the beautiful things at the Auckland Fair! They thought it would be fun to create a Kids Crafting Corner so that kids can also enjoy the Auckland Fair experience, without the “can we go now” and “I’m bored” chorus. There will also be lots of yummy product to sample as well as their wholesome products to buy to take home on the day (dinner, sorted).

So be sure to stop by and say hello when you are there and get your craft on!