The FINAL Fair!

The FINAL Fair!

Yup, you read that right! This coming Fair on the 18th of June, the sixteenth Auckland Fair, will be the very last one!! The FINAL Auckland Fair! Why am I so excited about that? Because it’s going to be an epic celebration of all Fairs past; and that is definitely something to be happy about.

“But whhhyyyyyyyy..?!!” I hear you plead…. well lean in and I’ll tell you….

The Auckland Fair began as a passion project for the love of handmade, and that love is very much still there. The Auckland Fair however is organised/run/powered by just me (Jess, hi!) and each event takes around 500 hours of planning, costs almost the same as a deposit for an Auckland home to deliver each time, and as much as I love working for free… I’d love to move on and pour that creative energy in to continuing to build my own design business, and of course, spend more quality time with my daughter, which when it’s Auckland Fair time, there isn’t a lot of.

Sure, I could keep this wonderful machine growing and changing. It’s definitely been a steady, handmade force, but the Auckland Fair was once a new, shiny project and imagine if I have more time, what might come next!

So it’s time. Time to pop on a party hat and celebrate everything and everyone that the Auckland Fair is. Come and celebrate everyone who has ever had an opportunity to participate. Everyone who has ever come along on the day and purchased handmade and of course everyone that loves the Auckland Fair, it’s time to celebrate all my hard work over the last 8 years, and of course celebrate you too.


Next Auckland Fair:

Sunday 18th of June
Shed 10, Queens Wharf
10.30am to 5pm (extended by an hour!)
$6 on the door, kids under 12 free


See you there!