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The Auckland Fair is a unique event opportunity held twice a year for exclusively handmade Makers from New Zealand and Australia, it is a niche event that is at the forefront of Auckland markets, offering quality products to thousands of visitors, hungry for more. Our event will be held at Shed 10, right on the Auckland Waterfront. This venue is testament to the continued growth of the Fair, and will be bursting with talented Makers for unique shopping experience.

The Fair is a destination event, it is not your average market! While it might be for just one day, due to the level of visitors and the way in which the event is run, sales are not limited to the trading day alone which makes us unique. The Auckland Fair is held in July and December with a third event held, this year it will be in March.

Unlike many other markets, the Auckland Fair is the largest, exclusively handmade and curated market in New Zealand. Everything at the Market is made by the person selling it. We don’t allow any vintage or resellers at the Fair, so you are on a level playing field with each and every stall holder; a unique position that sets us apart.

Your involvement with the Auckland Fair is divided into eight distinct areas and offers you a unique opportunity, all included in your stall price:


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  • PUBLICITY of you as a Maker and your brand. With the extended lead time before the event and exposure via our website and highly engaged and curated social channels, the Fair works hard to promote you and your work and seek out unique opportunities for you, acting in a similar way to an agent.
  • RECOGNITION for the quality of your goods and what you make. By being selected to be part of the Auckland Fair, you are being recognised for your work and are considered one of the best in our industry.
  • SPONSOR SUPPORT the Auckland Fair is backed by several national level sponsors who recognise the value of the Auckland Fair as a platform, this ensures you and your brand are exposed to unique opportunities, usually reserved for large marketing budgets.
  • SALES ON THE DAY direct to customers, as you would expect at a traditional market. The difference being that there are thousands of people who visit the just the Auckland Fair, recognising it’s the best of the best under one roof.




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  • WHOLESALE INTRODUCTIONS to many shops, galleries, buyers, stylists and editors who are invited guests of the Auckland Fair to attend on the day. They want to be introduced to you, so we make it happen!
  • PRACTICAL BUSINESS SUPPORT from our extensive network of sponsors, supporters and organiser, you will have access to advice and custom written business articles to help grow your business and succeed with your goals.
  • NETWORKING EVENT as a participating Maker at the Auckland Fair, we invite you to an annual networking event, a chance to introduce you to your fellow Makers and our sponsors. A great way to collaborate and work on future projects with like minds.
  • TABLES & CHAIRS because you have enough to worry about on the day of the Fair, with your stock, display and marketing material, a table and chairs will be provided for you along with your Maker pack.



The Auckland Fair is about bringing together a selection of the best designers, artists and crafters that New Zealand and occasionally, Australia has to offer. It doesn’t matter if you are starting out or you are an established brand, we are interested in your quality, creativity and individuality for the Fair, ensuring your products are well designed, crafted and branded in the best way possible.

The Auckland Fair is run solely by Jessica Whiting, who is the Director of this unique business and has run the event since it began in June 2010.

Makers are selected for each event via an application process that is held 3-4 months before each event. Each participant is hand selected based on products, branding, display and more by Jessica. There are always more applicants than spaces, however, anyone that applies and has suitable products is allocated a space on the waitlist in the order of their application.

2016 Market Dates
Sunday 13th March, Sunday 31st July and Sunday 4th of December.
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