Sarah Walden

I first became aware of Sarah’s beautiful work through Instagram; she had been creating brush based typography as part of the 100 Days Project. Over a period of a few months I had watched her work develop and loved how organically it had started, and from such a genuine passion for creating something that was interesting as well as being beautiful. I suggested to Sarah that she apply for the Auckland Fair in December 2014, being one of her first markets, it was great exposure for her and she has been hugely successful since adding several new stockists to her bow and extending her customer reach.

Sarah currently works as a digital account manager for Yahoo New Zealand by day and works on her Tales At Sea industry by night. Tales At Sea, originally began as a New Zealand-based design and lifestyle blog, when inspiration struck, Sarah combined a love for hand and brush lettering with Scandinavian design. Alongside the print range, Sarah dabbles in custom design work unique to clients needs, in addition, there has been a number of collaborations with recognised national brands, including Freedom Furniture.

Through the 100 Days Project, Sarah’s love for typography was refined and from there she was getting requests to stock her designs in stores across New Zealand as well as connecting with the Auckland Fair.

Sarah’s current favourite trends are Copper Foil and marble, of which are inspiring her new designs. The thought of Tales At Sea prints becoming a part of someone’s home is an amazing thing and is what keeps her motivated and inspired in her making. Sarah currently lives in Auckland with her husband, Corey and you can browse her work in her online store.