Yogi B Jewelry

Yogi B Jewelry

What inspired you to start your work?

I have always loved working with metals and tools,and loved making jewelry for myself & have been pleasantly surprised when people asked where they can my jewelry. What started as a hobby quickly turned in to a main stream business.



Describe your creative space, where you bring to life your work?

I work from my home studio in Auckland which a such a bright spot overlooking native bushes and trees, receiving plenty of sunlight. I derive my inspiration from my surroundings & nature.



What do you love most about your handmade business?

I love being my own boss, and the fact that I can work in my own terms (which includes working 24/7 sometimes). I also love the fact that I can be available for my kids when they need me.



What are you most looking forward to about being at the Auckland Fair?

Auckland fair has one of the greatest vibes & I have a great customer base there.
I love meeting my old customers along with new faces & love the after sales and wholesales I pick up from there.



What has been your biggest triumph to date?

I am really proud of the fact that my jewelry is being loved and worn by people as young as one year old. Success comes in steps and I believe am on my way.





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