MT Studio

MT Studio

What inspired you to start your work?

My husband and I run a 7 days a week bus service and I also worked full time until I was made redundant in 2012. I decided I did not want to be tied to our business 24 hours a day 7 days a week and had made jewellery out of Paua and natural gemstones including freshwater pearls for some years selling at markets. I enrolled in the 2 year Diploma of Jade and Hard Stone Carving course at Tai Poutini Polytecnic in Greymouth. I now have a carving studio set up at home and still make Freshwater pearl and natural gemstone jewellery



Describe your creative space, where you bring to life your work?

I have a studio set up in our garage which has two double grinders with 80 and 120 gritt 4 and 6 inch wheels and a 6 in expandable wheel. A point carver, two hand pieces along with a good selection of burrs. I have a silver bench also set up for doing my silver work. Inside a have a workroom where I have a jewellery bench set up for doing the non soldering part of my silverwork as well as working with the pearls and gemstones.



What do you love most about your handmade business?

The interaction with my customers. Them knowing I designed and made each piece plus working with people on special commission pieces. I enjoy just losing myself out in my garage studio carving. The way the stone decides in the end how it will be. Often a carving turns out quite different to what I initially intended, usually for the better. I enjoy creating and mixing my pearls and gemstones, silver and jade.



What are you most looking forward to about being at the Auckland Fair?

I have attended the last two Auckland Fairs. I am looking forward to supplying quality affordable New Zealand Greenstone piece, as well as my freshwater pearl and gemstone jewellery. I love sharing my passion of carving, New Zealand Greenstone and its stories and other gemstones both New Zealand and international.



What has been your biggest triumph to date?

I don’t think I have any one biggest triumph other than completing my Diploma. I have sold pieces to and in Galleries as well as markets to both local and international customers. I have had people buy and then come back for more pieces which is always pleasing to have return trade. Also when people recommend me and my work.





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