What inspired you to start your work?

Growing up in small mining towns in Zimbabwe – drawing and painting was a great pass time – pencil, charcoal, pastels, coffee and oil painting – you name it I was all up in there!



But once I’d decided to major in Graphic Design at university, I had not picked up a paintbrush or pencil in so many years I thought I never would again. However, last year I started Kundalini Yoga classes in Takapuna and I truly believe that finding my way to my yoga mat inspired me to pick up a paint brush and now I just can’t stop!



From painting with coffee and food colouring to drawing Mandalas – I feel absolutely invigorated! My husband Shaun and I are also hand screen printing tank tops using the mandalas I’ve drawn. It’s been such an exciting past few months – I feel like a new person.



The mandalas I draw are influenced greatly by henna/mendhi design which I learnt to do in university. The floral and plant like patterns are something I’ve always been drawn to.



Describe your creative space, where you bring to life your work?

I’ve found that I’m happiest just sitting on the couch next to Shaun, my husband, while I draw – but I do also have a dedicated space in our dining room/now my art studio. We had to do this because I drew and painted so much that we ran out of space in our lounge! So I work between the two spaces now – depending on what I’m working on. As long as there’s a cup of tea and my husband close by – that’s where I settle in for the day to draw!



What do you love most about your handmade business?

I love creating again – just being in that creative frame of mind again has been such an evolving experience. It’s been such an exciting journey these past 4 months, and the support from friends and family has been overwhelming. CreatedByKB is a very young business – but I hope it will go places and take me along for the ride!



What are you most looking forward to about being at the Auckland Fair?

I’m really excited to be part of the Auckland Fair because it’s such a great way for small businesses to be seen in such a wonderful setting which I think compliments all the individual businesses. I’m excited to be able to show my work and hopefully bring a smile or two to people who are excited to have a piece of artwork in their home or a t-shirt which is essentially one of a kind since they are hand screen printed. No two are the same and I love that about the process of the printing them and the mandalas I draw and paintings I create.



What has been your biggest triumph to date?

I think my biggest triumph is to have actually started drawing and painting again this year. I honestly never thought I would again and it’s been amazing how quickly I got back into it and how much else has fallen into place to aid me along my way – being accepted into the Auckland Fair and the enthusiasm of people to purchase artwork and T-shirts. I’m excited to see where it all leads!





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