Bodhi NZ Ltd

Bodhi NZ Ltd

What inspired you to start your work?

Being a Natural Health Practitioner I understand the importance of staying healthy. After suffering an auto immune disorder I started to look at minerals and soon realised that I was not absorbing enough minerals from my food. All my symptoms showed a deficiency of minerals. Taking supplements made no difference to my general health. However, putting the minerals on my skin completed changed my well being for the better. Now, symptom free I produce these minerals for topical use and am receiving amazing feedback from everyone, not just people with illnesses.



Describe your creative space, where you bring to life your work?

Bodhi started in my home kitchen. However, it soon outgrew that and now what was a large utility/fruit preserving room is now my lab. I produce all my products in this room, from making herbal tinctures to producing, labeling, packaging orders to making the product itself.



What do you love most about your handmade business?

Most of all I love receiving feedback from my customers of how using topical Magnesium or Msm Gel has changed their life for the better. Anything from how their sleep has improved, energy levels increased or even just starting to relax. All sorts of people have had amazing results being pain free the first time in years by using the Msm Gel. This is what inspires me to continue making and marketing these products.



What are you most looking forward to about being at the Auckland Fair?

This will be my first time at the Auckland Fair and I’m so excited to be part of it. I love meeting new people and as I live in Kerikeri most people will be new to me and my products. I’m really looking forward to it.



What has been your biggest triumph to date?

Being asked by great reputable shops to stock my products.


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