Information for Exhibitors

The Auckland Fair is a unique event opportunity held twice a year for exclusively handmade Exhibitors from New Zealand and Australia, it is a niche event that is at the forefront of Auckland markets, offering products with an emphasis on quality over quantity to thousands of visitors, hungry for more. Our event will be held at Shed 10, right on the Auckland Waterfront, Shed 10 is an award winning heritage building and hosts some of Auckland’s most prestigious events. This venue is testament to the quality of the Exhibitors we host and the continued growth of the Fair, creating a unique shopping experience.


The Fair is a destination event, it is not your average market! Visitors travel from all over the country and will often time trips to Auckland to coincide with our event. While the Fair itself might be for one day, due to the level of visitors and the way in which the event is managed and marketed, sales are not limited to the trading day alone, and up to 40% of your sales from the Fair could be in the lead up and following the event itself, which makes us a pivotal addition to your sales and marketing calendar. The Auckland Fair is held in Winter, usually June/July, and Summer, in early December making it perfect for pre-Christmas shopping.


Unlike other markets, the Auckland Fair is the largest, exclusively handmade and curated market in New Zealand. Everything at the Market is required to be made by the person selling it, being personally involved in the manufacturing process. We don’t allow any vintage or resellers at the Fair, so you are on a level playing field with each and every Exhibitor; a unique position that sets us apart.


Exhibitors are selected for each event through an application process that is held 3-4 months before each event. Each participating Exhibitor is hand selected by Jessica, based on products, branding, display and other careful considerations.

Criteria for Exhibitors


  • Can be based within New Zealand or Australia (please contact us if you are attending from another country to find out about your specific countries requirements)
  • Must be handmade; you are physically involved in 80% or more of the manufacturing process
  • Produce creative, innovative and original products
  • Products are well packaged and look professional, both with physical packaging (if required) and overall brand presentation
  • Appropriate price points for your items

We do not allow applications from those wishing to sell vintage items (excluding vintage that has been repurposed), or resellers of products. Items must be made by you.

Your involvement with the Auckland Fair is divided into eight distinct areas and offers you fantastic opportunities, all included in your stall price.

  • PUBLICITY of you as an Exhibitor and your brand. With the extended lead time before the event and exposure via our website and highly engaged and curated social channels, the Fair works hard to promote you and your work. We do our best to seek out unique opportunities for you where we can.
  • RECOGNITION for the quality of your goods and what you make. By being selected to be part of the Auckland Fair, you are being recognised for the quality of your work and are considered one of the best in our industry.
  • SPONSOR SUPPORT the Auckland Fair is backed by national level sponsors who recognise the value of the Auckland Fair as a platform, this ensures you and your brand are exposed to unique opportunities, usually reserved for large marketing budgets.
  • SALES ON THE DAY direct to customers, as you would expect at a traditional market. The difference being that there are thousands of people who visit the just the Auckland Fair, recognising it’s our unique position being the best of the best under one roof.

  • WHOLESALE INTRODUCTIONS to many shops, galleries, buyers, stylists and editors who are invited guests of the Auckland Fair to attend on the day. They want to be introduced to you, so we make it happen!
  • PRACTICAL BUSINESS SUPPORT from our extensive network of sponsors, supporters and myself as the Director, you will have access to advice, relevant business articles and practical workshops to help grow your business and succeed with your goals.
  • LARGE DISPLAY SPACE within this premium event. All booth spaces are now large 2.5m x 2.5m spaces allowing Exhibitors to create their own ‘pop-up’ shop style customer experience, all with large back walls behind each stand, allowing extra marketing space.
  • EQUIPMENT HIRE because we think you have enough to worry about on the day of the Fair; with your stock, display and marketing material. Access to tables and chairs can be ordered when you apply at competitive prices and will be waiting there for you at your stand when you arrive.

In addition to the above, each participating Exhibitor will have regular and supportive contact directly from Jessica to ensure you’re kept informed every step of the way in the lead up to the event itself.

Ways you can be involved…


There are two main ways that you can participate in the Auckland Fair, choose the right one for you.

As an Exhibitor

Applying to be an Exhibitor at the Auckland Fair is an exciting prospect! We love to hear from experienced creatives as well as new ones, perhaps making their Fair debut. Applications are opened 4-5 months prior to the event; and a separate application is required to attend each Auckland Fair.


Any involvement with the Auckland Fair should be considered as part of the overall marketing plan for your business. As we have mentioned, sales associated with being an Auckland Fair Exhibitor and not limited to the day itself. You will be exposed to thousands of new and potential customers as well as marketing and wholesale opportunities.


Specific information such as display size, costs involved, terms and deadlines will be housed within the application form itself as occasionally these change from event to event


As an official Exhibitor of the Auckland Fair, we negotiate special discounts with our preferred suppliers such as advertising opportunities, Eftpos rental, printing and hire services etc. and pass those deals on to you.


Spaces at the Auckland Fair start from $330+GST


Applications for the 18th of June event have officially closed. However we are accepting a limited amount of applications for additional space within the market that we have secured. Please see the application form for more information.

As a Foodie

The Auckland Fair is a bustling hive of activity on event day, we have around 4,000 people through the doors over a 6 hour period, and as you know, shopping can make you hungry!


While food is not the full focus of the Auckland Fair, we do create a defined and beautifully styled indoor cafe area within the main market hall itself, complete with picket fencing, stylish cafe tables topped with flowers, kids activities and lots of space for guests to relax and recharge.


Just like the event itself, the food we choose to have on offer for the day is carefully chosen and has the same kind of care and attention in curating a diverse menu for our visitors.


We like to work with like-minded operators, delivering unique and delicious food, that where possible, is a healthy choice while adopting a green waste philosophy.


Space is limited and we have space for around 3-4 food vendors in addition to Mojo Coffee who are our exclusive coffee/hot drinks provider.


Places within the Auckland Fair for food start at $390+GST for a 3x3m space, but we can configure the space to suit your requirements (within reason).

What our past Exhibitors say…

Thank YOU so much! I had a fantastic first Fair yesterday, with sales that far exceeded my expectations and some really lovely feedback.


I was just blown away by the seamless organisation of the whole event and take my hat off to you for the amount of work that organising each and every event must take.

Rosie, Elemental Jewellery

Jess does an amazing job organising, curating and running the Auckland Fair.


The number of people who come through the door is simply astounding, I think she has definitely found her calling.


Aly, Native Creative

Being involved as a maker at Auckland Fair is such a privilege. It’s full of the most amazing kiwi talent, and exceptionally well organised!


For me it’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with customers and potential new stockists.


Del, Love Winter Jewellery

The Auckland Fair has been an integral part in the growth of my business, The Art Room. I have been attending for a few years now and started by showcasing my limited edition screen prints, then each year adding more homewares including pillowcases.


Not only has the Fair promoted and supported my business but has encouraged a network of businesses to sit side-by-side and grow as a whole. I’ve met many makers through the years that have become firm friends. The Auckland Fair is a bustling hive of activity and I’m looking forward to being a part of it all again soon.


Hayley, The Art Room

My first fair experience was when Jess had asked me through my IG (Instagram) “Have you thought about applying to the Auckland Fair?” I literally had no fair or market experience at the time. I was a nervous wreck! But through Jess’ online guidance — the tips and tricks to The Auckland Fair were quickly under my belt! I felt confident and insanely excited about releasing my brand into the wider Auckland market.


My first fair was Dec 2014 — it was promised to be a bustling and energetic menagerie and boy did she deliver! I couldn’t have asked for a better platform to launch my brand to such a wide and voluminous audience. The Auckland Fair is an experience in itself – geared by the upmost care to detail, preparation and promotion.


It is a well oiled handmade market like no other and an absolute pleasure to be apart of!


Yon, Claybird Ceramics

Thanks so much for having me at this fair – you did an outstanding job coordinating it all and it was an unbelievable event.


As a maker, it was really awesome to see people so interested in what we were doing and it helps to keep us going when we feel like packing it in!! Definitely keen to join the next market – I had such an awesome time at this one!


Pippa, The Makerie

Thank you Jess for putting (the Auckland Fair) on. We had our new record sales made yesterday so I’m pumped!

Thanks so much for all your hard work, it really was a great day!

Neary, Little Nik Nax

Our first Auckland Fair was in 2011. We were lucky to get in as someone had a cancelation and we flew up from Wellington. It’s a great fair to look forward to and there is nothing else like it in NZ.


(The Auckland Fair) customers now come back year after year because they like our products and seeing what’s new… no two fairs are ever the same!


Liora, Toodles Noodles

I first found out about the Auckland Fair when I was back in Canada browsing Instagram for inspiration on how to get my brand new creative studio – Lucknow Lostboys – off the ground in my new home.

The Fair was the perfect place to launch Lucknow – although I was nervous about showing my art to the public for the first time, I was thrilled with the turnout at the event, and loved meeting some fantastic local artists who kindly offered to show me the ropes! (local artists) also told me what a prestigious event the Fair is – so I felt very lucky to have been chosen as one of the vendors. Thank you!

Sunni, Lucknow Lostboys

Sending a big thank you to you, Jessica, and all of your organisation for the market.

Another massive sales record for me (although I had a migraine the whole time and my husband was the salesman! – will keep him on!)

Rogan, Addi.b Creative