Be part of the AK Fair Volunteer Team

Be part of the AK Fair Volunteer Team

With each and every Auckland Fair, we always need a few pairs of extra helping hands on the day, and we would love for you to come and be there with us! If this is something that you might like to come and do, please fill out our form and we’ll send you all the information!

Everything is pretty lightweight and there is no heaving lifting. You will be helping with things like; putting up posters, hanging out bunting, handing out maps, showing people where the toilets are, keeping eyes peeled for hazards and things like that.

There are two shifts that you can choose to do, and while we can’t pay you, we do make sure you have a yummy coffee and give you a little koha (or gift) to treat yourself with on the day. You are of course welcome to browse around the market and do some shopping of your own too!

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