Maker Roll Call: Mar ’16

Maker Roll Call: Mar ’16

Yes! We have our Makers for this awesome bonus Auckland Fair! With the Christmas break happening, the announcement was a little slower off the mark, but I’m sure you have all been enjoying yourselves as well. It’s almost worth kicking those knees up with joy!

As usual, it was a tough decision going through each of the applications, but I managed to whittle it down to just over 80 gloriously creative businesses. Our March event is a sweet and juicy, cherry on the top bonus for the year (just because we love you so!) and have made way for some super amazing things within the main market area with a whole lot of mixing things up, and I can’t wait to show you!

So without further delay, here are our Makers for March!

ACE Hanging Planters, Amery Carriere Designs, Baileys Alchemy, Bites, Boutique Bibs + Boutique Boppers, Bow Harris, Captives Ltd, Ceiling Gazing, Claybird Ceramics (Elite Maker), Cosmetica (Elite Maker), Craft Me Up, Creative Kate, Cross My Heart X, Crushes, Cupcake Cutie, Cute Cuddles NZ, Daniel Ido, Debra Fallowfield Bespoke Jeweller, Dragonsauce Books, Eleah Ramos, Ellaquaint, Ernest, Etched, Fawn Babywear, Fuxicos, G. DESIGN ltd, Golly Family, Gumtree Gully Alpacas, Hansby Design, Heavenly Nature, Hector Rose, Hydrangea Ranger, Ickle Tings, Illustrated Publishing, Ltd, Jennifer Strange Limited, Kim Leece, Koro, La Belle Soap Co, Lawson, Liquorice Delights, Little Laneway Design, Little Nik Nax, LMW Creative, Looopy, Lottie Coco, Love Indigo Creative, Love Winter (Elite Maker), Lulu + Pej, Mademoiselle M, Maricific, Meghan Geliza – Art & Prints, Mint Cakery, Miss Izzy, Mr Leon Taylor, Nice Blocks, Nichola Te Kiri, Odd One Out, Olivia Bezett Artwork, Parry’s Tea, Raewyn Pope Illustration, Red Delicious, Red Loco Limited, Ribbon & Ink, Rocco’s Room, Ruru Textiles, Sandy Feet jewellery, Sandra Waine Printmaker, Sarah Navarro, Sarah Rose Illustrations, Soul 2 Sole, Studio Sue, Tailor Skincare, Tania Hogg Design, The Candle Co, The Candy Apple Wagon, The Concrete Chick, The Fabric Queen (Elite Maker), The Moodstore, The Sewphist, The Woodbotherer, Things Unseen, Ticticboom Design, Traveling Wheels NZ, Trio Soy Candles, Tyke & Co, Vanessa Kelly Clothing, Varvar2076, Wallflowers by Jeraldene Robinson, Woodland Finds, Xephia Design and ZaZing.

See you Sinday 13th March from 10am to 4pm! Be sure to join the Facebook event and invite your friends!

Image kindly borrowed from here.