So as part of the amazing 10th Fair rebrand that has been happening, I am putting together a fantastic online resource for makers! Part of the reason why I wanted to create the Fair in the first place was to help my fellow makers by giving them a quality platform in which to sell their goods. To lift up their brand and show the consumer that handmade is a quality you can’t replicate, there is a whole lot of skill that goes into a handmade item and it’s a pretty admirable process.

One of the things I love about the designer-maker community, is that there is such a strong community. Of course, this doesn’t happen by accident; this happens because of good people, hard work and the desire to not only succeed yourself but have the people around you succeed too. Gosh, I’m getting a bit emotional!

As part of the re-brand, to help foster the maker community, I am creating a special log in area of the website, just for makers that are part of the Auckland Fair! Here (to start with anyway) you will be able to read articles written by me and other experts on all things to help run a handmade business. Some of these will be a light introduction to areas and others will be a little more in-depth for those that want to know more. It’s an evolving part of the site and will grow and change depending on what you as makers want to know about.

In the future, there are lots of exciting features I am wanting to introduce, but for now, I’m busy building this brilliant online resource which will be available to accepted makers of the December 7th Fair. So, what kind of articles are there?

[list list_style=”grayPlus”]

  • Display Inspiration: ideas and tips for making the most of your table space
  • Table Branding: effective table branding for markets
  • Pricing: the enigma of pricing for wholesale and working out your costs
  • Social Media: An introduction to social platforms and tips for usage
  • To Market: tips and a checklist of items to take with you
  • Photography: tips and advice for getting great looking photo’s


That’s a little list of what I’ve already written, but there are lots more to come! Including tips on how to write a really good bio, applying for markets, how to (legally) gather email addresses of your customers, writing great product descriptions and more.

I’m really lucky to have some great sponsors and supporters who are able to give a wealth of knowledge to the resource so it will only grow over time!

Is there anything that you would like to know about? Comment below and it might just be added!

Image: iDear Papergoods stand at the Auckland Fair