Friends of the Fair

Would you like to be a Friend of the Fair? Of course you would! Friends get access to exclusive benefits, discounts and offers from not only the Fair, but our sponsors, supporters and generally rad people that want to give you a warm fuzzy feeling of generosity.

Not only will you be getting some super sweet deals that will be constantly added to (this is just the beginning!) but you will be helping support the Auckland Fair to keep going and have more time, energy and resources to help the Makers. After all, the Auckland Fair isn’t just an event, it’s a supportive resource for New Zealand’s creative community!

You don’t even need to be in Auckland to support us and be a Friend of the Fair either, nearly all of these perks can be used out of Auckland. See, we think of everything.

So, what do you get as a Friend of the Fair?

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  • A super-cool Friend of the Fair card to keep in your wallet, customised with your name; perfect for whipping out at parties.
  • Free entry into the Auckland Fair on the day (yes!)
  • Entry via the priority queue (no waiting in the main line for you, hurrah!)
  • A limited edition A5 print from one of 2 artists with designs that are exclusive to the Auckland Fair.
  • A 10% off hot drinks at all Mojo Coffee cafes, just flash that card.
  • Your Home & Garden Magazine very generous subscription discount of $29.99 for 6 issues (saving you 37%) or $58.99 for 12 issues (saving you 38% off the retail price).
  • The first 5 cardholders issued each month will also get a copy of the latest Your Home & Garden, delivered with their Friends pack!
  • 15% off at The Bread & Butter Letter, both online and in-store!
  • I Love Pies $1 discount voucher on their yummy, new gluten free pies; redeemable from supermarkets, nationwide.
  • A totally news-worthy newsletter just for Friends. Just once a month, you’re a busy person and we don’t like spam.
  • Early bird registration and discounts on Auckland Fair creative workshops (launching soon!)
  • Surprise treats on your birthday…. mums the word.
  • Special discounts and offers on the day of the Fair from our Makers.
  • PLUS more being added all the time, check back here regularly.



New Friends of the Fair cards have been put on hold for a little while until we get more printed!

Friends cards last for 12 months from the date they are issued and are just $95 each (or 26c a day) for all that value and feel good factor! Plus they make a great pressie for someone near and dear to you. Got questions? Check out the card information page.

Meet the Artists

Two artists have been specially selected to produce work, available exclusively for Friends of the Fair. These beautiful A5 prints will not be available anywhere else, there are just 30 prints of each available, and when you purchase your card, one will be picked for you and tucked safely alongside. Be quick thought, because once they’re gone…. they’re gone! Be sure to check out their artist profiles.


[image url=”” width=”100%” height=”auto” align=”right” caption_style=”boxed” caption_align=”bottom-right” link=””]SARAH WALDEN[/image]

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[image url=”” width=”100%” height=”auto” align=”right” caption_style=”boxed” caption_align=”bottom-right” link=””]DANE LAUGESEN[/image]

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