The Auckland Fair is a bustling hive of activity on event day, we have around 4,000 people through the doors over a 6 hour period, and as you know, shopping can make you hungry!


While food is not the full focus of the Auckland Fair, we do create a defined and beautifully styled indoor cafe area within the main market hall itself, complete with picket fencing, stylish cafe tables topped with flowers, kids activities and lots of space for guests to relax and recharge.


Just like the event itself, the food we choose to have on offer for the day is carefully chosen and has the same kind of care and attention in curating a diverse menu for our visitors.


We like to work with like-minded operators, delivering unique and delicious food, that where possible, is a healthy choice while adopting a green waste philosophy.


Space is limited and is often decided around 5-6 months before the actual event, we do not hold an application process for foodies. We have space for around 3-4 food vendors in addition to Mojo Coffee who are our exclusive coffee/hot drinks provider.


Places within the Auckland Fair for food start at $390+GST for a 3x3m space, but we can configure the space to suit your requirements (within reason).

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