Designer Money: Dec 2014

Designer Money: Dec 2014

Aside from the regular tried and true, age old way of paying with cash — the Fair also has a special cash out system, Market Money. This brilliant form of currency has been around since the first Fair back in July 2010, but it can be a new concept to many people, so thought it would be nice to give you a little introduction (or re-introduction) on how it works!

Market-Money is a cash alternative at the Fair, you can still use cash (of course!) but this is a great option if you don’t bring enough, or something really special catches your eye that you absolutely have to have.

How does it work?
Bring along your Eftpos card (not credit card or international bank card, unfortunately) to our special counter and you can get ‘cash out’ or in this case, special “Market Money”. The market money is in $5 and $10 notes and is effectively our own currency for use at the one market. When you pay for your goods, the lovely vendor will give you your change in real money.

Does it cost anything? 
There is a small fee of 50c per transaction each time you get market money out so the best thing to do will be to look around the Fair, decide on what you want and then get the money out. We recommend you tally up as you go around (and vendors will usually happily hold items for you while you finalise your purchases) and then take out one lump sum at the Eftpos station. The market money can’t be exchanged back for real cash if you don’t spend it all; but we’re confident you will have no trouble finding lots of goodies to purchase!

Why our money is super special….
Each Fair we ask one of our amazing vendors if they would do us the honour of designing the money for us, and for December 2014 I asked the talented Sophie Oiseau if she’d do the honours and I’m thrilled with the result! It’s stunning.

So what will you spend your market money on?