Dane Laugesen

After knowing Dane for a few years, watching his work develop and evolve over this time has been an inspiring thing to watch. With his recent launch of With The Wolves, a new brand for his illustration work, I just knew I wanted him to be part of this new Auckland Fair initiative. With a love for painting and illustration that goes back to his early childhood, it’s no surprise that Dane is now thriving with his work.

Based in Hamilton in the Waikato, Dane is formally trained in early childhood education as well as graphic design; two careers that encourage personal expression and being creative. Danes previous work had been very graphic inspired and computer based, with this new brand, he was keen to explore work that had a more handmade elements, using traditional techniques with watercolours and inks.

Constellations feature heavily through his work, this is through his love of the night sky and astronomy, while not relinquishing his inner graphic designer, his work also explores the contrast with lines, shapes and silhouettes. Dane is busy working on a new collection of prints where you can shop via his online store.