Sponsors & Supporters


I’m really chuffed to announce that Endemicworld.com has come on board as a sponsor of the Auckland Fair! Launched in 2010, Endemicworld is arguably the best¬†graphic print and art¬†store in New Zealand, they stock a vast selection of New Zealand and International artists with each and every item being handpicked by owner/operator, Elliot Alexander.READ MORE

Sponsor Spotlight: Foxes Blog

For those familiar with Foxes Blog, you will know that Foxes used to be a store, a ‘shop of design and wonderment’ that was launched at the same time as the very first Fair(!!) things have evolved since way back in 2010, and the store is no longer, but the blog that began as a business tool is now a thriving, magazine style blog full of design, music, style and more.


Sponsor Profile: Frankie Magazine

We LOVE Frankie! Every Fair they are a huge supporter of us; right from the very beginning and we are always thankful to have them involved. Here is a little bit about them…