So as part of the amazing 10th Fair rebrand that has been happening, I am putting together a fantastic online resource for makers! Part of the reason why I wanted to create the Fair in the first place was to help my fellow makers by giving them a quality platform in which to sell their goods. To lift up their brand and show the consumer that handmade is a quality you can’t replicate, there is a whole lot of skill that goes into a handmade item and it’s a pretty admirable process.


A secret helper…

Free Shopping List Download!

Now, we know that coming to the Fair can be a little daunting (so much amazing stuff!) so that’s why we have created for you a little free shopping list that you can print before you come on the day, perfect!

We always suggest to people on the day so go around and choose what they would like to buy, then come and take out the amount of Market Money that they need. Sometimes, you do have to get items on the spot (if there is only one, eek!) but sometimes you can take your time.


Tips for Applications

We aren’t going to sugar coat it, this application stuff is tough business. The truth is, Event Organisers of markets and fairs all around receive so many applications that the better you complete your application, the easier it is for them to make an informed decision on your brand/wares suitability for their event. And unfortunately, as many of you will know, not everyone can be accepted.