Event Announcement

How Refreshing… Teza!

We’re super pleased to announce that the lovely folks at Teza will be supplying our talented vendors and lucky patrons with complimentary drinks on the day! They create delicious ranges of drinks that are not only tasty, but good for you too! We love their wellness philosophy and as a designer myself, I’m a sucker for any good packaging design (have you seen those bottles! I wouldn’t want to put them in the recycling bin!). So thanks Teza, you guys are awesome.


A New Home

That’s right…. we had some great feedback after our very first event from our sellers and customers. The consensus was that it was a great event, every seller there was of the highest calibre and the venue was gorgeous — but, it was a little small. When we were planning the event so chose our venue accordingly, something that was a decent size but not too large as we had no idea how many people would actually come. We knew it would be successful, but we estimated our visitor numbers would be a little lower — we couldn’t have asked for a more successful event and we are so grateful to everyone that came along on the day.