Card Information

When I order my card, how long will it take? Because each card is customised, just for you, delivery can take one to two weeks depending on when you place your order and where you are located. Orders placed from Wednesday to 4pm Tuesday will be shipped out to you the following Monday. This allows time for the cards to be printed with all your details and your pack to be made up.

How long is my card valid for? Each card has a 12 month expiry date from when you ordered it. After that time, you will need to purchase a new card to get the Friends benefits and discounts.

How is the card personalised? Can I let my friends use my card? Your card will have your name printed on it, along with your unique membership number and expiry date. On the reverse of the card is a signature panel, this must be signed to make the card valid. The card is for your own personal use and is not to be shared, Friends discount partners may require you to verify your signature by cross checking with a drivers license or credit card.

I don’t live in Auckland, is there any point getting a card? Of course! The Friends discounts and benefits are not all Auckland specific, and we work hard to ensure that Friends can be all over the country. Check the Friends page for details on current benefits.

What is included in my Friends pack? Your fancy-pants new card, one limited edition print and a welcome letter detailing how to use your card. If you were lucky enough to be one of the first 5 people to order your card that month, you will also get a copy of the latest Your Home & Garden Magazine.

Can I choose the print that I get? Because our the prints are super special, you will have one picked for you, a bit of a lucky dip! There are just 30 of each printed, so when one is gone, they are gone and we will ask a new artist to design one for us.

What are the discounts and benefits? New benefits are being added all the time, for an up to date list of benefits, please refer to the Friends page. Auckland Fair reserves the right to change benefits and discounts without notice.

I want to use my Friends discount to purchase a Your Home & Garden subscription, how do I do that? On your welcome letter there will be a unique code for you to use, simply enter this when you are placing your order and the discount will be applied.

Can I buy a card as a gift for a friend? Yes! You can. This is a great gift idea, no matter where you are based. When placing your order online, simply enter the their details for the cardholder information and tick that it is a gift, then enter your details so we have them if anything goes wrong.

Cardholder delivery address needs to be the address of the person who is getting the gift, this is so that we can send them their treats throughout their membership. You can either choose to have the card sent straight to them by us, or we can send it to you to give in person, just let us know in the comments box.

How is my card shipped out to me? How much does it cost? Your card is sent via signature courier, so you need to use a physical address. Costs vary depending on your location around New Zealand.

What happens if I lose my card? Email us as soon as you can, we can cancel your card and send you a replacement. Replacement cards will be couriered to you and will cost $10 to cover printing and courier costs. Your card will be processed in the same way as when you ordered it.

Oops! I bought something from one of your partners and forgot to present my card! Can I retrospectively claim the discount? You must present your card at the time of your transaction to claim a benefit, however, this is up to the supplier in question and is at their sole discretion.

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