Designer Money

Aside from the regular tried and true, age old way of paying with cash — the Fair also has a special cash out system, Market Money. Our fabulous currency has been around since our first Fair back in July 2010, but we appreciate that it’s still a new concept to many people so we thought it might be nice to give you a little introduction (or re-introduction) on how it works.


Sponsor Spotlight: Foxes Blog

For those familiar with Foxes Blog, you will know that Foxes used to be a store, a ‘shop of design and wonderment’ that was launched at the same time as the very first Fair(!!) things have evolved since way back in 2010, and the store is no longer, but the blog that began as a business tool is now a thriving, magazine style blog full of design, music, style and more.


Auckland Fair on Instagram

That’s right, the Auckland Art & Craft Fair is now on Instagram! We will be sharing behind the scenes images, work in progress from our artists and designers and of course, plenty of photo’s on the day! Be sure to follow us @AucklandFair to stay in the know and use our official hashtag #AKLFAIR if you are posting about us!

See you all soon!


Sponsor Profile: Frankie Magazine

We LOVE Frankie! Every Fair they are a huge supporter of us; right from the very beginning and we are always thankful to have them involved. Here is a little bit about them…


Vendor Announcement

Firstly we’d like to say a big thank you to all the wonderful applicants that applied for the June 2014 Fair. They made our job very difficult and many hours were spent deliberating and deciding who would be a part of the upcoming Fair.

Without further ado, we are very proud to announce the June 2014 Fair vendors are…