Little Lot

We love new supporters! And Little Lot is probably the best kind of support we could ask for. Little Lot is a way to advertise to people, while being a rad person and giving something back to the people that need it most. They’re a clever bunch that help charities doing amazing things both here and abroad. And giving, is simple.READ MORE

New Digs

I am terrible at keeping secrets. If I have good news, I absolutely have to tell people right away…. So, the Auckland Fair is very, very pleased to announce that we have a new home! As you may know, we started at the Auckland Art Gallery with just 30 vendors, with queues down the street, we moved to the Aotea Centre which has been the home of the Fair for the past few years. While this was a beautiful space, with the Fair growing so much each time with visitor volumes and at our maximum for vendors, it’s now time to move into the next stage of the event.



I’m really chuffed to announce that has come on board as a sponsor of the Auckland Fair! Launched in 2010, Endemicworld is arguably the best graphic print and art store in New Zealand, they stock a vast selection of New Zealand and International artists with each and every item being handpicked by owner/operator, Elliot Alexander.READ MORE

Movings & Shakings…

There are some exciting movings and shakings happening at the Auckland Art & Craft Fair in the lead up to the TENTH event!

The biggest change is that I am now running the Fair on my own. Kylie is no longer part of the Fair as she has decided to invest more of her time into her own projects. She is also looking forward to an exciting overseas trip again soon with her partner. Of course, I wish her all the best in whatever she decides to do next, you know it’s going to be exciting!


Prizes Galore!

Prizes? Who doesn’t love the chance to win fabulous prizes? In addition to the AMAZING prize pack by that we blogged about this week, we are very chuffed to announce that there are TWO MORE prize packs up for grabs for the lovely punters that come along on the day.

Our sponsors and good friends at Frankie Magazine have sent us a neat prize pack containing a copy of Frankie Mag and Smith Mag, their gorgeous book, Spaces, and also their Gift Paper Book. Cheers, Frankie!


A secret helper…

Free Shopping List Download!

Now, we know that coming to the Fair can be a little daunting (so much amazing stuff!) so that’s why we have created for you a little free shopping list that you can print before you come on the day, perfect!

We always suggest to people on the day so go around and choose what they would like to buy, then come and take out the amount of Market Money that they need. Sometimes, you do have to get items on the spot (if there is only one, eek!) but sometimes you can take your time.