A New Home

A New Home

That’s right…. we had some great feedback after our very first event from our sellers and customers. The consensus was that it was a great event, every seller there was of the highest calibre and the venue was gorgeous — but, it was a little small. When we were planning the event so chose our venue accordingly, something that was a decent size but not too large as we had no idea how many people would actually come. We knew it would be successful, but we estimated our visitor numbers would be a little lower — we couldn’t have asked for a more successful event and we are so grateful to everyone that came along on the day.

After scouring Auckland for the perfect venue we have settled on the beautiful Aotea Centre right in the centre of the city. The square has been having lots of upgrades this past year and they’re finishing up this October. The space we have is right inside the main doors, that the large steps lead up to in the BNZ Foyer. It’s a gorgeous space with super high ceilings, wonderful natural light and plenty of room.

The Aotea Centre has been home to lots of prestigious events such a performances by top theatre companies and of course more recently, the awesome design Mecca, Semi-Permanent. We felt that the Auckland Art & Craft Fair would feel right at home!

The date has been confirmed as the 11th of December 2010 with new, extended hours of 11am to 4pm as there will be plenty more to see.

Applications will open within the next week, keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter and of course here for the announcement.