Applications are OPEN

Applications are OPEN

That’s right! Applications are open for Makers to be part of the 6th December Auckland Fair! The email hit inboxes and applications have been rolling in, it’s been so great to see such a wide mix of handmade goodness. Applications close at 5pm on the 11th of September, so get your skates on.

So, some application tips:

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  • It will take around 30-40 minutes to read over the form and fill out the required sections, allow yourself enough time and ensure you are happy with what you are sending in.
  • If you do need to do something (re-size images, find links etc) you can save the form for up to 2 days and come back to it.
  • All the information you need about the Fair (costs, table sizes, inclusions etc) are in the form and easy to find.
  • Please ensure your photo’s are nice and clear, it’s best not to send montages of your product images as these can often be too small for me to see easily.
  • Update your Felt store or other online stores before hitting the submit button, I always peruse your stores so I can get a good idea of your style and products.


Some helpful answers to questions that I sometimes get:

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  • The Auckland Fair applications are not ‘first come first serve’, everyone that has a complete application and has applied during the allocated time frame is considered.
  • Some items, such as the optional extras to your table are allocated on a first come basis, so I do encourage you getting your application in promptly.
  • I do my best to get a wide selection of people there on the day and I always try and give a go to new brands who have not been before. I never play favourites, everyone is considered evenly.


Don’t forget I did this really naff video for you with some helpful application information. Of course, if you have any questions at all, get in touch.

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Image kindly borrowed from here.