CLOSED: Applications are open!

CLOSED: Applications are open!

That’s right, applications for the next Auckland Fair are now open! The event will take place on Sunday 14th of June and if you liked December 2014, this will blow your socks off.You are definitely going to want to be a part of it…. some of the plans are still top-secret, but there is going to be some awesome opportunities for makers with the addition of some outstanding new sponsors, who are keen to help you!

I will be accepting applications from today until 5pm on Tuesday 31st March. 

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We have now split our application form into bite size sections, and you can save as you go, giving you up to 3 days to complete the form (perfect for all you busy makers!). Our form is quite comprehensive, so please allow 30-40 minutes to complete it.

Details of pricing, terms and conditions and information about the event is all in the form.

So what are you waiting for!